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25 Jul 2014



The reading of palms (Palmistry) has its roots in India where Roma Gypsy fortune-tellers would practise the art. But the method did spread to China, Greece and other areas of Europe. It became one of the most widely practised forms of divination.

Today Palmistry is used to determine an individual’s personality, unique characteristics, their traits and destiny.

This information is gathered by interpreting the hands size, shape and lines on the hands and fingers. There are now many books offering the basics on how to do a hand reading, but an experienced Palmist can really pick up on the nuances of your hand and the specific meanings for your future.

Both a left or right hand can be read, different readers will have different methods and thoughts on this. But generally speaking a left hand will look at inherited personality traits and will look at future potential, it is also thought of as the masculine side. Whereas the right side looks at the direction your life has taken so far and future events that will happen to you. It is thought of as the feminine side.

Next a reader would look at hand shape; the four major shapes correspond to the earth, air, fire and water elements:

Earth hands have square palms, the hand is wide but the fingers are short. The skin is usually strong and thick, with deep but clear lines. Normally people with earth hands are level headed and practical.

Air hand palms tend to be rectangular in shape, their fingers are long and the lines on their hands are clear but thin. They have social personality types; they tend to be intellectual with many ideas.

Fire hands also have rectangular palms but they are also long, but the fingers are short. Their skin is warm and the lines are prominent. As people they are individual, energetic and confident.

Water hands have fine lines, long fingers and an oval shaped palm. They are sensitive souls, sometimes emotional and usually artistic.

The next significant thing that a reader looks at is the lines on the hand, there are three prominent lines that give valuable information – the heart line, the head line and the life line.

The heart line is used to advise on love, it looks at passion, romantic perspective and emotional stability. The heart line is found under the fingers at the top of the palm.

The head line looks at a person’s intelligence, their desire to learn and creativity. The head line starts under the index finger and runs to the outside edge of the palm.

Lastly the life line – many people wrongly believe that this will tell a person how long they will live, but in fact it deals with your inner vitality, energy levels and looks at any major life changes. The life line can be found from the base of the palm and runs between the thumb and index finger.

This just outlines the basics of palm reading; a reader can establish many more things by analysing finger shape, the mounts, minor lines and finger nails.

Most people think about having a palm reading because they want to know what direction their life is going to take, and whether they are currently on the right path. Any of The Circle of Professional Clairvoyant readers can help with these types of questions, get in touch with us today and see what your future holds!

Written by: The Circle