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11 Jul 2014

Preparing for a First Date

First date

First dates are always nerve-racking – trying to come up with something imaginative to do, worrying about conversation – will it flow easily or will there be awkward silences, will you have chemistry…

Although it is hard the best approach is to relax as much as possible and be yourself; try not to overthink things, and even if you don’t match as romantic partners – you might find a new friend. The Circle of Professional Clairvoyants are always on hand to calm your nerves and guide you through the first steps.

Here are our top suggestions for making the best out of first date experiences:

Don’t Misrepresent Yourself:

The pressure for the other person to like and fall in love with us is immense, but you need them to fall for the ‘real you’. We all like to present the best version of ourselves, and that is fine. But don’t stray too far from reality, otherwise you will be in trouble a few dates in. Trust that your personality is enough and let it shine through.


There is nothing worse than sitting waiting for your date to arrive, only for them to be late. So do everything you can to be on time, if for some reason you are delayed – just contact them so they know you haven’t stood them up.


Deciding where to meet and what to do can have a big impact on how the date will go. If you do not know your date very well, perhaps you have met through on-line dating; then ensure you choose somewhere public and let friends and family know where you are and how long you will be. If you know your date better, perhaps a work colleague that you have known for a while and now have feelings for, or someone that you have always seen as a friend but now could be more…You could choose a date that both they and you would enjoy doing – it doesn’t have to be coffee, a meal or cinema, it could be going to a museum, taking a hike or a cycle ride – anything that you will both enjoy and that will allow you to talk and get to know each other better.

Look The Part:

To some extent how you dress will be determined by your first date activity/location, but whatever you choose it is good to make an effort. This doesn’t have to follow convention – it is just about you feeling confident. Dress in a way that allows you to put your best foot forward. Partners are very often attracted to people that feel comfortable and confident in their own skins.

First Impressions:

In this day and age when so much attention is paid to appearance, it is easy to dismiss someone for not ticking all of your boxes. But stick with the date and get to know the person, judge them for their personality and see if you have similar thoughts on life, don’t judge them for the job they have or how tall they are etc.

If you follow these guidelines you should have a relaxing and fun date. Try not to play games, be kind, generous and above all honest – if you want another date, let them know. If there was no click for you, then equally let them know.

Fingers crossed for date 2, it does get easier!

Written by: The Circle