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14 Mar 2015

Psychic Tree of Words

Psychic Tree of Words

For this post we are focusing on all forms of divination!

On this page we create a psychic glossary, helping you to untangle your clairaudience from your clairsentience and more. We then move on to forms of divination that have stood the test of time like I Ching and Astronomy and lastly we take a look at Tarot, which needs little introduction, but we explore how it can be helpful with relationship problems.

So here are some psychic terms that you may see described in our reader profiles and throughout our website with brief explanations of what they mean:

The Akashic Records sits on the astral plane and contains records of everything that has ever happened.

Chakras are energy points in the body; life force enters the aura through the chakra at the top of your head and filters down through the remaining 6 chakras. Each chakra has its own colour and is associated with your health and psychic function.

Clairaudient means the ability to hear noises and voices; this can be within the mind or as an external sound.

Claircognizant is to know things without being told.

Being Clairsentient allows an individual to tune in to a person’s atmosphere, emotional or psychical state.

ESP meaning Extrasensory Perception: the ability to use none of the five senses and yet still perceive something.

Master Spirits are great teachers who have once lived on earth; they are also commonly referred to as Prophets or Ascended Masters.

Mediums act as intermediaries between a spirit and a living individual. They very often have Spirit Guides to help guide a soul through their many lives.

Precognition means that a person can determine something through psychic means; they know what is going to happen before it happens.

Psychometry uses touch to determine emotional history, normally a person presents an object that has some meaning to them and the psychic is able to tune in and gather information.

Remote Viewing describes when a person can observe another through psychic means without being there.

A Soul-Mate is someone you can have had lots of different types of relationship with, you will have known them through several lifetimes.

Telepathy uses the power of thought to connect with another person.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin