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15 Nov 2019

Dice Reading

Dice Reading

If you are looking for a speedy and effective reading, then why not turn to Dice Divination. It is a practise that both Egyptians and Romans used to decipher what lay ahead for them. It is a great divination method when you have a simple question to ask.

Prepare for your dice reading

The Reading

Interpret the Numbers

3 – A surprise awaits you – don’t worry it will be pleasing.

4 – A setback or argument will occur, it will be disappointing, but act cautiously.

5 – Your plans are fulfilled; now new openings and chances arise.

6 – A minor misfortune is likely.

7 – Gossip is never nice, make sure you are not the one doing the spreading.

8 – Work hard for what you want, being underhanded will only cause regrets.

9 – Romance is in the air – it could be new love or a reconciliation.

10 – Fresh starts and new beginnings are a sure thing.

11 – A friendship parting will cause you sadness, but it will just be for a short while.

12 – A message is coming; you’ve been patient and waited a long time for it.

13 – Staying on the path you’ve been on will cause unhappiness – face your fears!

14 – A new relationship in your life will flourish – friends or lovers – bring excitement.

15 – You really should trust your intuition. Be cautious of trouble brought from others.

16 – Travel is in your future – short or long, it should be fun and may be lucrative.

17 – You will be starting a new phase in your life journey – embrace it, it is welcome.

18 – Contentment, achievement and prosperity are yours for the taking.


Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin