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12 Apr 2018

Recognising Spirit


Most of us will have experienced heightened moments of intuition, but very often we might dismiss things as just a weird feeling, or a coincidence…

Equally many of us will have had something happen that feels like a visit from Spirit, or a ghost or angel, but we may have chalked it up to a bad phase we were going through in life, perhaps post bereavement.

But in reality, there are many times when perhaps a loved one may have tried to communicate with you, but you dismissed the signs. Here are some of the ways that might be familiar to you:

Sweet Dreams

Dreams are perhaps the most common way that you may experience spiritual communication. Unlike normal dreams, these are likely to feel highly vivid and you will remember the details. Very often you will feel very serene and comforted as if everything is going to be alright.


Have you experienced a cold spot that can’t be explained, for example standing in a room on a warm sunny day, with no window nearby, or air-conditioning, only to suddenly feel a vey cold spot? Then it is very likely that a spirit is trying to reach out to the natural world…


Smell as one of the five senses, is something that we are highly attuned to. Have you been in the scenario when suddenly you have a very strong sense of smelling something familiar, it might be a favourite flower or herb like lavender, or a special perfume that a loved one used to wear. When this happens, it is usually spirits trying to offer comfort; it acts as reminder that whilst they may not be physically present they are still close by.

Things that go bump…

This sounds funny, but can be scary at the time. It ranges from lights going on and off, a TV coming on, phones ringing with no one on the line, to hearing footsteps when you are unaccompanied. The intention of these actions is not to worry you, but just a way of spirit making themselves known.

The last category is ‘sensations’, this can be felt by you – things like goose bumps, chills or shivers with no explained reason. But equally you may notice odd behaviour in a pet. It is likely that you have been thinking about someone, and these sensations are active confirmations that you are being watched over.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin