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9 Sep 2016



You’ve probably heard the expression “talk the talk, walk the walk”… And in the case of reflexology, that is exactly it – your feet do the talking and tell your Reflexologist everything they need to know about your body!

Reflexology is actually a type of healing that goes back to Egyptian times; they believed that as we walk on Earth with our feet we connect with the energies of the Universe.

Reflexologists believe that many ailments that we complain of can be traced back to our lifestyles and that the best way to heal them is through the body itself. As you can see on the image, every part of the foot (both left & right) corresponds to either an area of the body, a gland or an organ.

A Reflexologist will manipulate the exact point on the foot to unblock channels in the body that prevent it from healing, they will use the feet and toes reflex points to improve circulation, remove toxins and eliminate poisons and in doing so stress is released as well. A trained professional will know the exact area to pinpoint as well as the amount of pressure to apply.

Here are just a few examples of how the body relates to the feet:

Many people are shocked at just how effective and precise the treatment practise can be…

Ref: Encyclopaedia of Mind.Body.Spirit &Earth

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin