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20 Feb 2015

Relationship Compatibility

Relationship Compatibility

Knowing a person’s zodiac sign can give you a lot of information about that individual and how they might function in a relationship. Each of the star signs have character traits that will come to the fore when they are in love or even in lust! Understanding the dynamics of each sign may allow you to analyse whether a relationship will work or at least understand some of your partner’s behaviours. For example some signs just have to flirt – but it won’t mean anything to them. But partnered with an insecure sign they are likely to be hurt by the behaviour. In other cases their suspicions of infidelity may be well-founded.

A person’s sun sign should be able to indicate whether they are likely to be the sort of person that wants to settle down and have a monogamist relationship or whether they live for the moment and believe that nothing lasts forever. You will also be able to tell their personality qualities such as whether they are romantic, passionate, faithful and so on. As well as their goals, sexual style and life expectations.

Whilst you do not want to change your own personality to please a partner, it can help to understand the characteristics of your significant other especially if they are very different to your own. In certain circumstances you may be able to adapt and adjust in order for each of you to maximise the potential within your relationship and understanding your similarities and differences can help you to experience a relationship on a whole new level. When both parties know what each other really means and really wants, it can make for a very safe, comfortable and long-lasting partnership.

The best way to determine compatibility is through Synastry.

This is where the charts of two people are compared to ascertain how their relationships operates and themes and potentials will emerge. The natal charts are set up and the geometric relationships between planets and the charts (interaspects) are calculated. Planets that fall in to each other’s houses will also be considered for significance.

At the end of the process you should know whether you are attracted enough to each other and will be able to form a harmonious long lasting relationship. Or whether initial attraction was felt but has turned to irritation. The charts may show that lust or love may be felt but living together day to day is just too difficult. In some circumstances it will be that the long terms aspirations of the couple differ – these are life aspects that are felt at a soul-level, such as wanting children and will be hard to resolve if each person wants something different.

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Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin