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12 Nov 2013

Relationship Expectations

Relationship Expectations

Every single relationship that we have with another person can be seen in terms of a contract, and the relationship you have with a Clairvoyant Reader is no exception. The relationship contract is always made up of unstated, usually unconscious, agreements between people about how they are going to act with each other, including what they will and won’t say and do!

Healthy, positive relationships have clearly established contracts of honesty and a great deal of support between two people. There should always be room for self-expression without fear of being judged or of a reprisal, as well as a healthy concern for the other’s well-being.

Conversely, co-dependent relationships are created through negative contracts that limit, trap, use, control, or intimidate the people in them. These relationships block creativity, personal expression and freedom, and seem to interfere with the natural growth of each person involved in them.

I have yet to meet a person, Client and Reader included, that does not have these positive and negative contracts in their lives. We can say that the areas in our lives that function smoothly and in some way fulfil us are the areas where we participate in positive contracts. The areas where we have problems are usually the areas where we have created negative contracts with others, based on our own attitudes and negative perspectives.

Think of your interactions with the people in your own life, the ones that require you to play a certain role perform in a certain manner or act in a particular way? This is the primary indicator of a negative contract. Now think of the interactions with people, where you can be yourself, where you do not have to hide anything or convince them of anything, and where you know that they will honestly tell you their thoughts on any situation, even if you don’t like it! This is the primary indicator of a positive contract – facts, belief and support! Clearly, then a psychic reading with your clairvoyant should be based on a positive contract.

Written by: I4C