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28 Jun 2014

Rune Divination

White runes

You might have heard the term Runes, but perhaps you are unsure of how they are used to divine the future…Well, they are based on an early writing system used for Germanic languages dating back to 150AD. They were used for divination purposes between 100BC and 1600AD, but later fell out of favour due to the Catholic Church making them illegal because of their magical nature; also the Latin alphabet took over in popularity in middle Europe.

During the 60’s Runes saw something of a comeback!

The ‘New Age’ movement started using them again, which is ironic as originally they were only used by the Elite of society. Today Runes can be found in many forms, carved in wood as they traditionally would have been, but also in clay, stone and even polished stones. They are normally kept in a bag and drawn out one by one or they can be cast on to a flat surface where they are then read.

There are twenty-four stones in each set, the runic alphabet (Futhark) letters are scribed on each stone and one tile is left blank, the blank tile is known as Odin or Wryd. Each stone has a different meaning, if the Runes are being cast, then the way they land is just as important as the stones themselves.

Rune readings can provide valid forms of guidance when used in the right hands. You can find information on all our readers here. Ideally the Rune stones will be cast facing the sun or in an East-West trajectory. A casting cloth can be placed down; the Runes are mixed in the bag, then either a select few can be cast or they can be drawn one by one. If the stones are cast then your psychic reader will interpret the meaning of any given stone, based on it having landed up or down or on other stones in relation to your question.

Runes work best when you can ask an open question, it can be quite general in nature, for example “I’m having difficulties in my romantic relationship”. The psychic will interpret the stones and provide you with advice on how you should move forward. In this way it is quite similar to Tarot readings – you seek answers and the Runes provide a tool to guidance.

Many people believe the Rune stones you select or cast are done so by your sub-conscious mind, not at all random. The answers you are given are likely to confirm what you already know you need to do in your heart of hearts.

Runes can be a fun place for you and your friends to develop your psychic skills, there are many good books available that show you how to cast the stones and the different interpretations of each letter of the alphabet. If and when you feel ready to have a professional reading to answer your important questions, then give us a call.

Written by: The Circle