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17 Jan 2023

Sagittarius In-Depth


How might someone describe a Sagittarius? They have a love of freedom; they can be adventurous and questioning. Optimistic by nature and spontaneous in actions. SagittariusThey have somewhat of a dual personality; that relies heavily on their intellect and instincts.

Sagittarians are ruled by the planet Jupiter and are mutable fire signs. Mutable for Sag translates into an ability to adapt to any situation. Jupiter is linked to wisdom and plays into Sagittarian’s intelligence, as well as providing a sense of justice; and what is right and wrong. The fire element allows Sag to turn negatives into positives.

One of the Sagittarian symbols is the Centaur, which exposes this zodiac sign’s tendency towards conflicts between body and mind. When they overcome this struggle, they make much better teachers and can pass on their spiritual wisdom.

Sagittarius Traits

This star sign loves to travel, explore new places, and meet new people and having different experiences plays into their need for a sense of freedom.

Sagittarius can be very creative; whatever project they set their mind to – whether at work or home, they will tackle things with enthusiasm and energy. They are students forever, love to learn and can provide solutions to problems – however, sometimes their minds are a bit too philosophical, and ideas can be impractical.

The route of a Sagittarian is an honest person; on occasion, they may embellish the truth a little to add a frisson of excitement! One great thing about this personality is that they will always champion the underdog – so they are great to have on your side.


In terms of love, Sagittarians prefer not to feel their feelings; they do not want to think about emotions and hate questions in this area! They do not like to let self-doubt in or explore any inadequacies they may possess – particularly in the romance department.

Having said all of the above, when Sagittarius decides to couple up, they are happy to be in love; there are generous and honest with their partners. It is not unusual for this sign to combine their love of travel with a holiday romance – which also links to them not wanting to be tied down.

The quick route to ending a relationship with a Sagittarian is to show possessiveness or jealous tendencies. They need to retain a sense of being them, and their individuality must be allowed to shine.

Sagittarius Weaknesses

People may consider this sign tactless and blunt, which can easily offend, even though this will rarely be the sign’s intention. They can also move on quickly from a task at home, a work project or a relationship.


Sagittarians tend to; keep smiling, so you will not always know when they are unhappy. However, when they are unsettled, they are much more likely to show the negative tendencies of their personality. For example, impatience, argumentativeness and criticalness of others.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin