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16 Dec 2022

Scorpio In-Depth


Unlike other star signs, most people know by the name that Scorpio’s icon is the scorpion, and the implication is ‘sting in the tail’. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac.

The Ruling planets are Mars and Pluto, making Scorpios passionate, driven and with hidden depths! Scorpios are a fixed water sign, and the phrase ‘still waters run deep’, is perfect for summing them up.

Scorpio Traits

It is not easy to get to know a Scorpio, they tend to keep an air of secrecy around them, and they like it that way! Scorpios, on the other hand; are very good at reading people and understanding personalities and relationship dynamics.

Scorpios; like to gather information and knowledge about others and situations that could be useful to them at a later date. They have a strong desire for power and will manipulate situations and people if it furthers their cause.

There is one area that Scorpios are conflicted; they are both risk takers and will break rules to go through boundaries others don’t wish to push. However, they are also change-resistant! They also find it difficult to say no, which is unusual for a dynamic sign, even when the outcome would be better for them – this is an example of when the ‘sting in the tail’ actually hurts them rather than others.


The Scorpio sign loves nothing better than to analyse a person or situation, inside out and upside down. However, their emotions run deep, so much so that they often can’t fathom their own thoughts and feelings, especially in matters of the heart.

Scorpios do not play the field; they focus their intense passion on one person. Love is often at the centre of this sign’s ambitions and inspirations.

Those that fall for a Scorpio may describe them as possessive, dominant and jealous – but often they attract their partners through their sheer magnetism. These possible negatives are countered by their actions once they are committed. For example, they become deeply attached and loyal to their partners. They are faithful, although not overly demonstrative in public. Their feelings are true, and a tender partnership can ensue.

Scorpio Weaknesses

It is easy for a Scorpio to become obsessed either with a task, project or person. They don’t always understand that not everyone does well with such a dominant personality in their lives, whether that is at work or in their love life. They do not like being analysed, even though it is their favourite pastime. They do not respond well to a lot of personal questions. They are insecure when they are with someone who seemingly knows more than them!


Scorpios; are considered the most sexual and intense of the zodiac – tangle with them if you dare!

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin