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19 Aug 2016

Self-improve with the help of the best apps out there…

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As I write this article the news is all pretty much doom and gloom, the public have voted out of the EU and now the predictions start – house prices will fall, fuel will go up, pensions will suffer, holiday prices will rise and so it goes on.

Its easy at a time like this to be swept up in the negativity of it all, but now there are many lifestyle apps at the touch of a button from our phones/pads to keep us going in a direction that we want.

You can choose from losing weight, to guided meditation, to help with goals/lists – the possibilities are endless. We review some of the best that are on offer:


On Headspace you will find guided meditations, suitable for all levels – pick sessions on any given day that suit your mood and lifestyle. Through regular mediations you should be able to reduce your anxiety – less stress & worries. People often sleep better, feel more able to exercise, they are more likely to keep healthy eating on track. They are more focused at work and at home, that leads to better relationships and a feeling of being at peace.

*The Simply Being app is along similar lines.


Happier is basically an online gratitude diary. You can share the good things, no matter how small from your day. Take ten second pauses to focus on the positives. Inspiring quotes will lift your mood at any time of the day. The idea of the app is to help you to stay ‘positive’ and ‘present’ throughout the day.

*The Gratitude Journal app is along similar lines.

Daily Yoga

As you might expect the Daily Yoga app provides you with scheduled plans – covering relaxation, balance, weight loss, strength etc. There are 500 poses in the database and 100 unique exercises along with music, heath info and social aspects.

Relax Melodies

The concept behind this app is simple, but according to them it works and over 20 million users have downloaded the app! Basically you choose melodies and sounds that you like to create your own track to sleep to.

*Other sleep related apps you might enjoy – White Noise Pro, SleepBot or Dream:On

Way of Life

The Way of Life app is there to help you build habits. Whether you are trying to lose weight, exercise more, get your 5 a day, sleep better – you name it, you can use this app. Set up reminders, custom messages – whatever it takes to keep you on track.

*There may be a charge to purchase some apps; equally some apps may have in app charges. Please consult your Doctor before making any significant lifestyle changes.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin