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29 Sep 2023

Serpentine: Crystal Healing


A Serpentine crystal’s predominant colour is green, but it has a mottled appearance and is often flecked with red, brown, black, white and even yellow. It is easy to source, it is found at home in Cornwall and also in America, Italy, Norway, Russia and Zimbabwe.

Serpentine Qualities

Many people turn to Serpentine to enhance their spiritual journeying, and like many earthing gems, it is useful for meditation. If you are doing Chakra work, then you should find this stone useful for clearing; and also for stimulating the Crown Chakra in particular.

If you are struggling with your past and how you are remembering things, then Serpentine can be helpful, and it can be utilised for past life work too. Overall, this gem is great at retrieving wisdom and insights – so turning to it when you have a problem to solve; or something is weighing heavy on your mind; is a great idea.

It is not always easy for us to identify where unbalances lie in our life, and the healing energy of Serpentine is great at consciously directing the energy; where it is needed. You should feel more in control, mentally, physically and emotionally after working with this crystal.


Serpentine is used as a cleansing stone; many turn to it for detoxifying – body and mind. It is thought to increase the absorption of calcium and magnesium, and some use it alongside conventional medicines for better blood sugar control and diabetes. It can also be useful for pain relief and muscular aches and pains.

Like many gems, you can wear Serpentine as a piece of jewellery, carry a small piece with you or on your person, or hold it in the place you want it to have the most impact when carrying our spiritual practice, breathing exercises, or when meditating.


One of the reasons it is so popular for spiritual work is its ability to gently bring together, the past, present and future, and make angelic connection easier. Serpentine promotes forgiveness and compassion, especially for past events and experiences you have lived through. Use this crystal when you are ready to reconcile past events and move into your future, emotionally clear and full of hope.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin