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16 May 2014

Soul-Mate Connections


Many of us think of soul-mates as being the person we are destined to spend the rest of our lives with in a blissfully happily union. One theory is that soul-mates come under the category of psychic love, describing any relationship where there is a lesson to be learned, a strong psychic link or a past life connection.

Soul-mates are not necessarily always lovers!

Generally you will feel an immediate affinity with your soul-mate, you may feel love, but you could just as easily feel affection or familiarity. This is because you will have known this person in a previous life and in fact possibly in many lives.

Your relationship with this person may have had many guises during the incarnations, and it possible that some of them will have been difficult relationships. This is just a way of working out the karma that has built up during the incarnation; soul-mates need to be challenged and to learn different lessons from each other in order for the relationship to flourish.

When soul-mates meet on the soul plane between lives, it is thought they agree on a script for their next relationship; hence soul-mates that have been wildly in love in one lifetime may incarnate to be just friends in another. Occasionally sometimes that bond can be so strong between two soul-mates that rather than playing out the role they agreed on for their next encounter they override these feelings and embark on a different path, this can mean they mistake friendship for love.

One theory about soul-mates is that in a remote time a breakage occurred and as such each soul was left imperfect and that to be whole and complete again they must search for their other half. When people feel like they have found their other half, they imagine that their relationship will be perfect – after all, if they are meant to be together, why are they arguing, why don’t they agree on everything and so on. This is often the time a client will seek assistance from a psychic to reassure themselves that they are in fact in a soul-mate relationship.

If you have questions about whether you have met your soul-mate then you may want to contact one of our readers. Luke is particularly good on soul-mate matters; he says “we learn most from our soul mates in a lifetime – through them we become more aware of who we are, more aware of our own soul and why we are here in the first place.”

Rest assured that our most problematic relationships are often those that bring us the most personal growth, development and rewards. Soul-mate partnerships should be enriching, satisfying and loving but don’t worry if yours is sometimes not as harmonious as you would like. An interesting relationship is not always plain-sailing!


Written by: The Circle