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10 Dec 2013

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

People often confuse a psychic with a medium, or a clairsentient with a reader, or more often than not, lump them all in to one big bag, and expect them to be able to do the same things. But each individual has a unique connection to the ‘Divine’, and this is also the case for clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, healers and so on.

The word ‘Psychic’ is an umbrella term, used in today’s society to describe those individuals who seem to know things without rational explanation.

Clairvoyancy is a term for grouping the different ways that we communicate with the eternal.

This communication is usually with our higher selves, guides, spirit helpers and returning loved ones. It encompasses clairvoyance (clear sight), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear sensing). Clairvoyancy may also be done subjectively (within the mind, which is mental medium-ship) or objectively (seeing as in the physical plane).

A psychic medium mediates between this world and the next and may use one, all three or a mixture to communicate with spirit when doing a church service or private reading.

I personally believe that we are all born with some ‘sensitivity’, but the wisdom to use this gift effectively comes with maturity. One of the best places to develop your abilities is in a circle at a Spiritualist Church. Many churches run spiritual development courses of some type.

Normally if you choose to go and develop you will start with meditation and psychic development. Psychic development entails no contact with spirit but you work using your own energies practising things like Psychometry, flower readings and learning to read peoples auras. Next you would progress on to your spiritual development class and this is where you would learn to contact and work with spirit.

Every church may run to a slightly different format so it is best for you to search around to find a church that firstly offers such courses and secondly one that you feel comfortable with.

Written by: I4C