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12 Feb 2016

Tantric Soul Gazing

Couple gazing into each others eyes

If I said communication to you – you would probably think of one person talking and another person listening, but communicating on a deep level especially with your loved one is so much more than just talking and listening!

Tantric Soul Gazing Exercise

The purpose of a Tantric Soul Gazing exercise is to communicate with your partner on an intimate and emotional level that is non-verbal.

Whilst this exercise is simple, it is not easy, but for the closeness that can be achieved, it is worth persevering. Although we look at our partners many times in any given day, we don’t very often spend prolonged periods of time making eye contact. Some people will feel shy and like they are being stared at and intruded on, others may get a fit of the giggles – but go with it, resist the urge to look away, let the feelings in, acknowledge them and then work through it…

So, first of all prepare a space that is conducive to the exercise – whatever works for you:

This is not an exercise to embark on when you are stressed or lacking in time – schedule it in if needs be, but ideally come to the exercise when you have already unwound and can focus on the point of it.

You and your partner should sit opposite each other; you want to create an energy circuit between you by joining hands (left palm up and right palm down), your palms should be touching.

The exercise begins with both of you closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Let any tensions, thoughts and feelings come to the surface, remembering all of the time to take deep breaths. When you feel like your emotions have ebbed, send a signal to your partner (perhaps a hand squeeze).

When both of you are ready, you can open your eyes and gaze in to each other’s faces. All distractions should melt away, let the past go, don’t think about the future – just be totally present in the moment. You can continue to gaze for as long as you both feel comfortable (ideally at least 5 minutes), the stillness should gradually quiet your minds and you should feel intimately connected to each other, it is likely that your breathing will synchronise as you move in harmony towards each other.

You should repeat the exercise regularly, it is particularly good if one of you is feeling taken for granted, or just that life is going at 100 miles per hour and you feel disconnected romantically.

Ref: The Personal Revolution

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin