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16 Dec 2015

Tarot Cards Explained

Tarot Cards

Tarot reading has been around for centuries but why do so many of us feel a connection to the deck or a desire to have our cards read? In this post, we explore tarot cards and what they can say about you.

Arguably, tarot cards are not there to be factual. Much like other forms of divination, they are about using the mind in a particular way. Whether it’s to guide or provide clarity, tarot cards can give a divine sense of connection to other worlds, lost loved ones and our life’s path.

Some say tarots cards are intended to be thought-provoking rather than predicting your future, as they can be fluid in meaning and up for interpretation.

So what are they and how do they work?

What Are Tarot Cards?

A pack of tarot cards is made up of 78 cards, each of which has a different meaning. Twenty-two of these are split into the ‘Major Arcana’ and the rest are ‘Minor Cards’ divided between earth, water, fire and air. These are shuffled and laid out in order to make a pattern; each pattern represents a different concept or idea.

Each card carries a different message which can mean one thing when laid out on its own and something completely different when placed with other cards. These cards are read out by a psychic after you have asked them a question, and so the power of the tarot cards lies with the reader: there is no way to pre-empt where the cards will fall or what they will mean, and it’s down to the reader to interpret them.
What Do Tarot Cards Say About You?

As each card and the symbol it bears is revealed, it can give an insight into the person having their cards read. The interpretation of the cards can also shed light on different aspects of their life.

A tarot reading can help someone come to terms with or get a grip on what is happening around them, though the effect all of this has depends on what the person takes from the reading in emotional terms.

If you have your tarot reading done, only you will understand what the cards are saying as this process is very personal.

If you’re going through a particularly emotional time, some even say you should not carry out a reading, as it could affect the way the cards are read or interpreted. An open mind allows you to have a holistic view of the cards’ meanings.

What Cards Are in a Deck of Tarot?

A couple of examples of cards appear below along with what the cards generally mean.

The Fool – spontaneity, light-heartedness
The Magician – power, skill, action
The Sun – warmth, positivity, vitality
Swords – conflict of interest
The Lovers – love, alignment, relationships
Wheel of Fortune – luck, karma, destiny, turning points

How Do I Know if My Tarot Cards Are Right?

There is no right or wrong way to read tarot cards. As the reader and the client become acquainted with the cards, they will be read using their own intuition and interpretation. You could draw the same card as another, but the card may not mean the same thing to you.

The energy carried through the reading will come from you and the reader, so your experience will be completely unique.

It’s not about predicting what is going to happen to you, although this can be done. The main aim is to help you understand what is happening to you now; if you’re feeling lost, for instance, a tarot reading can offer a sense of direction.

The wonderful thing about tarot cards is that in a way they can say whatever you want them to say – or whatever the card reader interprets from the deck – so they give you the power to unlock your own insights.

If you’d like a psychic reading to help with your direction in life, contact us today and we can help provide the clarity you need.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin