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12 May 2022

Taurus In-Depth


Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, but what does this mean for their personality? Well, Taureans are the ultimate procrastinators! They love to relax, and if they can stay in their lane, stay in their comfort zone, and keep carrying on, they will.

Taurus Traits

The Taurus sign may come across as obsessed with beauty. Indeed, they care about how they and others look and dress. But it goes beyond that and can be about how they talk, the impression they give off, and even what they choose to do as a career – with art, fashion and design, and potentially sport – where physical expression is paramount, are all high on the list.

A Taurus loves the good life, and they like to have the very best of everything. As such, they make great homemakers and, in later life, safe and secure homes to raise children. Material possessions and general prosperity make them happy. They have strong values, and spiritually they want to learn to trust their instincts.

Matters of the Heart

Undoubtedly, those born under the Taurus sign are possessive in love; they won’t want to share you with anyone else. A relationship will work with the right zodiac match. However, the wrong star sign match can be fraught with trouble if treated as a possession or just an extension of Taureans beliefs. Zodiac signs that want to know and speak their mind and exert their freedoms – may not make a great match.

Having said all of the above, once a Taurus has decided to commit to a long-term relationship, you will find they are caring, devoted and dependable. They will still want to feel in control and be the ‘head’ of the family – at least playing a joint if not leading role in important decisions. Of course, they won’t always find this easy as their postponing nature comes into play.

Taurus are very sensual beings; love is romantic, physical and everlasting.


Taureans make great friends, as much like when they are in a steady relationship – they are dedicated and loyal. They are fun, generous (as long as they don’t feel taken advantage of), and entertaining.

If you choose to seek counsel from a Taurus sign, their thinking may be pretty fixed or put another way – black or white. Once they have dispensed their advice, you can expect them to imagine you will follow it!

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin