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5 Jun 2015

The Goddess


It is no accident to be discussing The Goddess as we near Summer Solstice, as both the time of year and The Goddess stand for many similar things: fertility, nature, earth, the home, love, birth and death. The Goddess goes further and also symbolises justice, wisdom and acts as a ruler of truth.

The Goddess relies on emotion, psychic powers and intuition – the things that cannot necessarily be explained by science or pure logic. The worship of The Goddess dates back 30,000 years, and she assumes many names and faces, depending on the times and religion, but most often she represents Mother Nature. She is a powerful, inspirational and enlightened woman, which is perhaps why she still speaks to us today, with many of us trying to embody these very characteristics, as we fulfil our dreams and destinies.

In regards to neo-pagan thoughts, The Goddess takes on three forms:

The Maiden – Denotes innocence, purity, emerging sexuality and youthful hopes.

The Mother – Signifies nurturing, fertility and feminine power & wielder of magic.

The Crone – Embodies experience, compassion and wisdom. She knows other realms and birth & death.

The Goddess is also seen as a lover, traveller and warrior; she understands the difficult path that women need to follow. She believes in equality and provides a light in the darkness to all those who are struggling to triumph. She understands the pain and struggle you go through, but also the joy that is felt when success is achieved in whatever form is desired.

If you feel in need of support and direction then try a prayer to The Goddess to invite her energy in.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin