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22 May 2019

Faeries Magic


As children we often read about fairies, otherwise known as faeries, but as you age you often lose the magic and enchantment that the fey folk can bring to your life. This spring, why not bring magical faeries back into your life and if you have children introduce a new generation to these ethereal beings.

Not everyone is able to see faeries, but those lucky enough to do so, are likely to be those most connected to Mother earth and nature, and may even have a special place in their garden where they connect to the elementals.

You may not realise, but just like angels, there are different groups of faery beings, all with their own quirks and foibles. Read on, to get to know the different mystical creatures that may cross your spiritual path…

Types of Faeries


To look at Dryad, is to see a hybrid of a woman and a tree!

Look out for the shape of a female outline or womanly face from within a tree’s branches.

You may see them in groups, one of the best times, is at seasons change.

You are most likely to see them when you are calm, and at peace. But if you are feeling troubled, then a Dryad can help with easing karmic energy blocks.


Pixies are pretty beings, seen in the garden or green spaces, made of all thing’s nature – moss, sticks, mud…

These special creatures like a tidy home, and they stay in their special places for hundreds of years. Help out by tidying your homestead as the seasons change.

When you need to purify a space, call upon the Pixies, they easily clarify an atmosphere.


You will most likely see a Salamander through some sort of fire embers, it could be candle light, a wood burning fire, a garden fire bowl, but also lightening and even sunlight.

Watch the dancing, curling, dragon-shape forms.

Salamanders are spontaneous by nature.

Call on them when you need their main characteristics – loyalty, courageousness, fierceness, passion, joy, family and community spirit.


Sylphs literally look like clouds, but they are oh so delicate.

They are perhaps the most useful of faeries to humans, as they are so in touch with our emotions and feelings.

Take to high ground, and gaze up at the sky whenever you need their help in grounding you.

Let any overwhelming feelings flow over you and away, leaving just bright fresh ideas in their place.

Water Nymphs

Whatever type of water you are near, from a lake, to a river to a stream, you may encounter Water Nymphs.

They are the most likely faery to take on the form of a female – think translucent and shimmering bodies and long flowing hair.

Water Nymphs can be most useful when it comes to love and relationships, they can guide you to let go of emotional attachments of the past.

Give yourself up to the water and let the Nymphs spellbinding and seductive powers wash over you.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin