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25 Sep 2018

The Stone of Awakening

Auralite 23

Have you ever heard of the Auralite 23 crystal? It was actually formed over 1.2 billion years ago in the Mesoproterozoic era. It is a form of Amethyst, that comes from Thunder Bay in Canada, mined in the Cave of Wonders. It is thought that meteoric strikes create rare minerals to form on the Earth’s surface, and when they combine they create new crystals that are made up of many minerals. Native Americans have called the stone ‘The Dancing of the Spirits’, largely due to the fact the gem is made up of 23 minerals. In fact, Auralite 23 gets its name from Aurora Borealis – the phenomenon we call Northern Lights!

Some of the minerals you may be familiar with that make up Auralite 23 are gold, silver, platinum, nickel, copper, iron, smoky quartz in Amethyst and more…

The crystal is very powerful for its uses on the mind, body and spirit – and for this reason it is sometimes referred to as the ‘paradigm-shifter’. It also works well alongside other high-vibration crystals to boost the power they create.

From a physiological standpoint, Auralite 23 works on the bio magnetic sheath surrounding the body, so is an excellent crystal to choose for chakra work.

For the body

It is most beneficial for reducing stress and tension, which allows the body to fully relax. It is thought to aid vascular health, as well as muscle aches, eye strain, migraines and headaches.

For the mind

It is all about opening up to a higher level of consciousness. When you increase your awareness, your thoughts can shift, allowing new possibilities in. The crystal can help you to block out internal and external chatter – to still the mind, to allow you to listen and really hear. Be prepared for the power of the energy this crystal can provide, when you fully open yourself up to the experience, serenity is not far behind.

In fact, if you find it very difficult to turn off and gain clarity, placing the stone on your forehead, can assist you in bringing whirling thoughts to a close, so that you can have a more mindful approach to life.

For the soul

Frayed tempers are calmed, running emotions are cooled, and a sense of peace is distilled. Let the emotional life-debris fall away…

For the spirit

You can use the crystal to deepen your mediation practises. The stone can act as a bridge between you and the divine. Spiritual growth is yours for the taking, let your guardian beings mentor you to a stronger metaphysical future.

Ref: The Little Book of Crystals, Judy Hall

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin