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17 Apr 2020

Dreams: Common Symbols


Oftentimes our dreams don’t mean that much to us on waking. Parts of the dream might bear some relationship to someone you met, something you were worried about etc. and you might be able to piece some logic together. Other times it is very fragmented and a complete jumble, that you can’t make sense of.

Even though your dreams may seem obscure, it is worth trying to take note of whether certain things crop up time and time again. It can be these small symbols that are trying to help you decipher a message from your subconscious mind.

Here are some common symbols from dreams to get you started:


The Bumblebee is iconic of perseverance and of truth, as well as an indication that you will prosper. Ensure you have people around you that share your values.


Despite what you might imagine, you are not dreaming about marrying a Prince! However, it does symbolise prestige. It is quite often related to career, and the respect you command in your position.


You may be worried that others are conspiring against you. You are not sure if you can trust others motives.


An open door signifies the many chances you have in life to be successful; it could be through education, business, or career. It is literally a case of trying your luck!


It is lovely to dream of gardens; it generally denotes being happy and joyful. It is especially so of a happy marriage.


Seeing a ladder means that you will achieve your dreams and projects you embark on will be successful. A ladder against a wall is preferable, denoting you just need to put in a bit of effort, a ladder on the ground means you will have to work that bit harder.


This flower is all about friendship and the strong bonds that tie you. It can be romantic, from parent to child, or friends – the relationship will be enduring.


A falling star may mean there have been misunderstandings or miscommunications between you and loved ones. Health should also be considered – something is failing!


At the moment you are struggling to find the meaning in anything. It is time to think outside of the hum-drum of everyday routines, embrace your spirituality and get a ‘big-picture’ view.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin