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10 May 2019

Twin Flame versus Soul Mate

Twin Flame

There is often confusion between Soul-Mates and Twin-Flames. Spiritually speaking, you have many soul-mates, but only one twin-flame. It is possible that your twin-flame could be a romantic soul-mate for you, but it is much more likely that you will meet and settle down with your soul-mate, and the twin-flame in your life will provide a more mystical purpose.

Put simply a twin-flame is one soul divided in two bodies, essentially when the soul was created, there was an abundance of energy and so it split creating a twin flame, made up of half divine feminine energy and half divine masculine energy. These soul energies will incarnate many times over, and through one lifetime or another the twin-flame will meet, very often to provide a time of growth, or when healing is needed.

Many people believe that you need to meet your twin-flame on the current plane, and embark on a romantic relationship, but generally this is the stuff of fairy tales, and is unlikely to happen in real life. The twin-flame is really much more about teaching us about the relationship that we have ourselves, that in turn can make us ready to meet a romantic partner.

You may have already met your twin-flame, but just not realised…

Feeling at first sight

Is there a person that you have connected with, and you had a deep-set feeling that you already knew them? Perhaps there is even an intensity about how you connect – eye contact for example.

Fast changes

Have you ever been in the position where a lot of things have happened at once, a job offer, a house move – big life alterations? Was there a person in your life at that time, championing your change of direction?


You may have intuitively picked up messages from your twin-soul. Equally at times you may experience déjà vu moments, where you remember some shared experience from a past life.


Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin