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10 Jul 2015

What does Spirituality mean to you?

yoga pose

Spirituality is viewed as being many things depending upon whom you ask. Some may associate it with being religious. Others believe it is the essence of what we are. The association of the body and mind beyond the material world as we search for the answers to what really makes us the person we are, has been asked by many throughout time.

Spirituality is not of the Material World

Our true self, the being that is the essence of what makes us believe the way we do is one sense of spirituality. Beyond the mind and the body, beyond the material world, spirituality exists in the soul. The physical aspects of a human are what most people see. The material possessions we have are another way of viewing this. However, these two aspects have nothing to do with a person’s spiritual make-up.

Too often, we focus on the meaning of something so strongly that the true significance is lost. Spirituality does not mean you have to portray certain behaviours. This is why it is often mistaken for religion. Meditation will often help one discover their spirituality. By helping them to clear their mind of worldly things and reach deep inside for inner peace, the realisation that there is more will be more attainable.

The Mind Controls Spirituality

When you ask someone what spirituality means to them, more often than not the response you will get is God. This is what most people think of when the subject is broached. The truth is religion is a part of our spirituality but not the true meaning of the word. The best description may be that of infinite consciousness. The universe is a vast place. It is unending as far as we know. The same can be said about our consciousness. There is no limit to the exploration of our existence. We have some of the most phenomenal experiences for which there are no explanations.

How else can one stand outside their body and watch it as if they were a totally different person? Is this consciousness or is it the spirit of who we really are taking over? By becoming one with the consciousness we have on a spiritual level learnt how to understand the essence of spirituality. The search for the real person beneath what everyone sees is what seeking your spirituality is all about.

One great way of looking at this debate is the mind is not physical. It is not a part of your physical make-up. Yes, the brain is a physical aspect of our bodies but although the mind and the brain are connected, the brain is a physical object and the mind is not. The mind can control objects that we do not even touch. Who is to say this is not just the tip of the iceberg? Are we conscious of all the things our mind can do? No, we have only begun to discover what we are capable of doing. This is why the mind is so important to spirituality.

When we discover the true meaning of consciousness, as many before us have tried to do, we will know what spirituality really means. This has been a goal for many years and thus far, the truth has eluded us. Unleashing the mind to be free is to find the true meaning of spirituality.
At the end of the day we are all individuals, and it is up to each of use to discover what spirituality is and what being spiritual means to us. That could be organised religion, it could be psychic abilities, you may find it in meditation or yoga…There are no right or wrong answers, just what feels right to you!

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin