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24 Sep 2013



The Power of Numbers

There is a magical significance relating to Numerology. You can analyse your personality and discover how the power of numbers can motivate you. You can use numerology to analyse your name or your birth date.

When you want to analyse your name, you assign each letter a number based on the 26 letters of the alphabet. For example Amy would be 1+ 13 + 25 then 1+1+3+2+ 5 = 12, then 1+2 = 3. It is up to you whether you assess your first name, all of your names individually or your full name including middle names.

When you analyse your birth date, you take the day, the month and the year all in numbers – for example the 25th October 1971 would be 2+5+1+0+1+9+7+1 = 26, 2+6 = 8.

The reduced number gives you your life path number; these range from 1-9. In most cases you ae trying to reduce the number to a single digit, but if your first calculation gives you 11 or 22, then you do not reduce further – these are classed as master numbers.

Name Meanings:

1 Birth, initiation, purpose. People with name number 1 know who they are and where they’re going. Natural leaders, inspiring others with their enthusiasm. They’re good at starting projects, and then will leave the detail to others.
2 Balance and harmony. People with name number 2 are natural peacemakers and diplomats. They have gentle and imaginative natures and so dislike noise and conflict. They work hard, but prefer to stay in the background.
3 Versatility, drive. People with name number 3 are lively and spontaneous, interested in everything around them. Lucky, optimistic people whose ability to seize the moment leads them to success.
4 Stability, steadiness, endurance. People with name number 4 have their feet planted firmly on the ground. They are reliable and hard working. They like an organised routine and can appear stubborn and strong willed.
5 New or unusual influences, adventure. People with name number 5 view life as an adventure. Creative and lively, disliking routine. They have quick, imaginative minds and bring a breath of fresh air to all they do.
6 New departures, dependability. People with name number 6 achieve a feeling of security by building a warm, loving home life. They are good hosts or hostesses. They like to explore from the safety of a secure base.
7 Spiritual, philosophical. People with name number 7 are intuitive, mystical, sometimes psychic people. Concerned with the spiritual side of life, they often forget practicalities. Their ideas are frequently ahead of their time.
8 Decisive, material success. People with name number 8 set goals and are single minded when it comes to achieving them. Decisive, controlled and capable of taking control. Can seem ruthless. They make energetic and capable workers.
9 Change, achievement. People with name number 9 are dynamic, changeable people. They are versatile and can turn their hand to most things, but need to see the value of what they’re doing. They make good teachers and advisors.
11 Transformation. People with name number 11 are idealistic and visionary. Attracted to the unknown, they transform the mundane to something beyond the ordinary. Fascinating, magnetic and knowledgeable people.
22 Destiny. People with name number 22 are destined to rise above the limitations of most people’s lives. They have the ability within them to achieve something great, to do something for the good of humanity.

Date of Birth Meanings:

The following meanings are for a year, month or day that has been reduced to a number.

1 Birth, initiation, purpose. If there are things you’ve been thinking of doing, push ahead today. New projects get off to a good start.
2 Balance and harmony. You’ll need the cooperation of others for your plans to succeed. Weigh the pros and cons of what you do carefully before acting.
3 Versatility, drive. A time for learning new skills. New friendships are made now. A small windfall may come your way.
4 Stability, steadiness, endurance. Building a strong foundation now will pay off in the future. A time for responsible, practical action.
5 New or unusual influences, adventure. Something unexpected comes into your life. Act positively now to change your life for the better.
6 New departures, dependability. A time of change, putting down roots for the future. A change of home, social life, a time of marriage or divorce.
7 Spiritual, philosophical. Listen to your intuition, but don’t forget the practicalities. All may not be as it seems: root out the facts before accepting what you’re told.
8 Decisive, material success. Success in your career, a new job or family is all possible now. Make practical decisions now for success in the future.
9 Change, achievement. Reflect on past actions and review future plans. Effective change now brings success in career and love life. Look out for opportunities.
11 Transformation. Let your intuition guide you. You can transform any situation now if you listen to that still, small voice within.
22 Destiny. Accept whatever happens now. It is your destiny.

Written by: I4C