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19 Nov 2013

When to Consult a Clairvoyant?

When to Consult a Psychic

Before consulting a Clairvoyant, consider what you bring to the consultation. Think about the energy that surrounds you, where your ‘mental state’ is at. What are the pressing thoughts and how do they make you feel? What emotional state are you experiencing and what attitude do you present?

Many clients phone to consult a Clairvoyant, when they feel lost, when times seem bleak, or when they are in the throws of traumatic events. Clients are usually stressed, upset, hurt, irritated, or even annoyed – this is the energy that you bring with you!

Any Psychic, sensitive, reader etc. has to go beyond your personal feelings to reach the actual facts. Do you allow this to happen, or are your unconscious reactions blocking the Clairvoyant?

After a late night out, waking up with a hang-over, realising the implications of the previous night’s argument, stressed and anxious is not a good time to consult! Equally after an almighty row with a loved one, still feeling angry and hurt is not the best time either…

So, you may be wondering, when is the right time to seek guidance on personal issues?

The answer is when you are centred, relaxed, and open to the sensations of another. Clairvoyant readings, like all other types of readings: Tarot, Runes, Astrology and Psychic readings are a two way process – a dialogue not a monologue!

A reading is an interaction between yourself and the Reader. Your psyche generates a vibration which the ‘Sensitive’ attempts to tune in with. Sometimes this can be made difficult because of your surroundings, but more often than not, it is made difficult by your state of mind. Before commencing a reading it is advisable to be in a relaxed space, without constant interruptions. Also, having an open mind, with the ability to listen, often assists. You don’t have to accept everything that you are told, but you should at least listen and then give yourself time to process the information.

Whichever way your particular Clairvoyant Reader tunes in – Tarot, Astrology, Psychically etc. you need to let them do their stuff – in order to connect. And when listening to the information that they are able to sense, you should be able to discern what feels insightful and what doesn’t.

We all build defence mechanisms throughout our lives, to protect us from rejection, fear, loss, anxieties and the like. But these barriers can prevent your psyche from vibrating openly. Here are just a few suggestions to get the most out of the interaction between yourself and your Clairvoyant Reader:

Written by: I4C