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16 Jan 2015

Winter Solstice Crystals

Solstice Crystal

The Winter Solstice period is a lovely time of year, but the lack of daylight and sometimes cold dreary weather can dampen our spirits. Christmas often leads to rushing around and can be quite an intensive time, so here are some crystals that will keep you grounded, focused and are heart centred offering protection as you move in to the New Year.


Amber is very often found in jewellery and so is easy to wear in everyday life. You can use the gem to help you feel steady, confident, grounded and at peace. For challenging periods of change, Amber can bring balance between the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Pick honey colour gems if you want to attract sweetness in to your life, red tones are better for revving up your love life and Green Amber is the ultimate choice for developing your psychic skills.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the ‘Master Healer’, it stimulates clear thinking, amplifies energy and most importantly it is programmable. The Clear Quartz crystal can be charged with any energy we ask it to hold, and will hold your intentions longer than other stones. The crystal will open your mind and heart to higher guidance and will protect you against negative energy – put your trust in your crystal and in your feelings.


Azurite is an amazing stress buster, so if you feel overwhelmed hold an Azurite crystal close and let its calming energies flow over you. Azurite can help strengthen your compassionate abilities, meaning you are much less likely to lose your temper. It aids decision making abilities and rids confusion, so when you are struggling over a choice the crystal will help. Take the stone in to the New Year with you, as it can help with resolutions – it is a revitalising stone that will increase your thirst for knowledge and life!


Garnet is a protection stone; it balances emotions, lifts depression and allows you to sort out emotional disharmony. Its fiery redness illuminates dark souls, bringing light and brightness, hope and joy. Its colour also has strong connections to desire and love; it enhances feelings of love and can restore passion. Working with Garnet will let your confidence grow, anger will dissipate (especially anger you hold towards yourself), courage and survival instincts will also kick in.

Written by: The Circle