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26 May 2016

Would You Cheat?

Relationship Cheat

Be honest, when you read the headline of this article did you immediately think about a man cheating on a woman?

It’s fair to say that the stereotype is that of a man cheating on a woman, but if rising statistics are to be believed then it is just as likely to be a woman cheating, whether they are in a committed relationship or married.

So, why are we even thinking about it?

It’s too simplistic to just blame the internet, but its certainly played its part – the privacy that smart phones and tablets gives us, access with ease to multiple email accounts, ways to browse past friends and lovers through social networks as well as sites that have specifically cropped up to facilitate cheating for married folk and that’s before we’ve even considered apps that play their part in sexting and hook ups in the vicinity!

Even though the internet might assist in making it easier to cheat, it doesn’t really get to the bottom of why both men and women in long-term relationships and marriages would risk everything for a quick fling!

The fact is that a modern generation has been brought up on the idea that you ‘need to meet the one’ and that they should be your ‘soul-mate’. This in turn puts enormous pressure on each individual to be everything to that personconfidante, lover, best friend, sounding board, co-parent to name a few… In reality it is very difficult for one person to fulfil all of our emotional needs.

Equally many of us are no longer willing to settle, believing that they need everything in life, a partner that shares the same likes/dislikes, the same goals, and equal sex drive, passion and so on. But again in reality, life will ebb and flow, people grow and change and what they wanted in their 20’s, is not what they want in the 30’s and 40’s, so for one passion has turned to companionship and affection, but for another they may still crave lust and raw emotion. But if a lot has been invested in the relationship, finances are co-mingled or children are involved then a person may consider cheating to get a part of their life fulfilled elsewhere.

The fact that a partner has considered cheating makes them look at their lives differently, and are more likely to be suspicious and take precautions such as checking texts and messages.

Illicit Encounters (with 635,000+ members) conducted a study on infidelity and here are some of the things they found:

But perhaps the most sobering statistic and the one to think about is that only one in four men would forgive & forget a partner cheating and in women the figure was lower at one in five…

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin