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9 Feb 2017

Zodiac Sign Love Traits - Part 1

Happy Valentine's

The different zodiac signs tend to have certain traits and characteristics when it comes to how they approach love and relationships. Do you recognise your behaviours in these summaries?


Love is something to be conquered, both male and female Aries like the chase. They are possessive in love but cannot stand the trait in others, but at the same time they are romantic. They want to be the centre of attraction, so you can expect jealousy if their partner pays attention to anyone else. They are deeply loyal and will defend their partner. They won’t accept anything but utter faithfulness. There must be an air of mystery, otherwise Aries will become bored and move on to new conquests. Librans are a good match – promoting cooperation, harmony, diplomacy and togetherness.


To the Taurus sign love must be sensual, physical and last forever! They are attracted to beauty…They settle quickly and make for stable partners. They are devoted, but wouldn’t ever forgive a betrayal. They need affection – not flirtation. Taurus men look for very feminine women; a Taurus female wants her man to be all male. Once they have made up their mind, turning their back on a relationship would be difficult. Scorpio would make for a complementary sign, they can both be stubborn, but together they gain insight into the needs and motives of others.


Geminis believe totally in soul-mates, they may have to ‘kiss many frogs’ and flit from affair to affair before finding their true love. Geminis will often have conflicting emotions, so they can appear hot and cold in a relationship. They are thinkers rather than doers; they have strong feelings, but will need a sense of rationale before acting. They don’t really find it easy to express love, but they do become emotionally dependent – they are sensitive and can be hurt easily. Geminis need their freedom, so a partner that makes too many demands could cause a union to end, to this end a Sagittarian could be a good match.


A Cancer sign needs constant affection for love to thrive; they have a deep seated fear of being rejected and so are unlikely to make the first move. They are romantic and will put their partner first, but in turn they expect to be appreciated and not criticised, to have security financially and for family to be a priority. They expect loyalty and devotion from a partner, and in return they will be a tower of strength. Cancer signs will move on if they feel they are not loved enough. Capricorns prove to be a good love match, as they balance Cancer’s materialism and help to put things into perspective.


Leos don’t have difficulty in finding love; they attract the opposite sex with their beauty and liveliness. Love for a Leo is dramatic, and they expect to be adored – treated like Kings! Leos are noble, romantic, happy, attentive and loyal in love. They are supportive in a relationship, caring by nature and will make sacrifices for love. A relationship with a Leo may end if passion and lust turn to friendship – a Leo will always need desire to be part of the deal…Aquarius is a good match , they teach Leo how to share and let others have centre stage some of the time whilst still valuing themselves.


Virgo in love is quite practical – it’s about family, friendship, unity and devotion, rather than it being overly emotional, sentimental and dramatic. They may take years to find the right person, partly due to them being frightened of overt romance, but once in-love they will avoid breaking up at all costs. They are private by nature, they want to be handled carefully, respected and feel made a fuss over by their partner. Remembering dates like birthdays and anniversaries will be paramount. Virgos don’t want to settle for anything less than true love and in this regard Pisces would make a good match.

Come back next week when we look at Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin