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25 Sep 2020

Zodiac Signs & Love


What zodiac sign are you? Does your zodiac sign look for love and relationships or is it all about the thrill of the chase…


Aries like the thrill of the chase! They can show jealous and possessive tendencies. They have a natural energy that makes them attractive, and they are romantics at heart. They want to be loved exclusively.


Taureans want love to last forever. They like stable relationships and they fall hard and fast. They are attracted to physical beauty and glamour. They will not accept a betrayal!


Geminis may have many flirtations and relationships, as they go on an eternal search for their soul-mate! They can blow hot and cold in love, as they struggle with their confusing emotions.


Cancerians craves constant affection and are romantics at heart. They refuse to fall in love with anyone that puts their prosperity at risk. They are always worried about rejection and getting hurt, so rarely make the first move.


Attracting a mate is rarely a problem for this lively sign. However, they often create a dramatic idea of what love should look like, making it hard to attain in reality. Once in love Leos are loyal, generous, supportive, proud and romantic.


Virgos are not romantic or emotional about love, for them it is more pragmatic. Love equals devotion. They will wait as long as it takes to meet the right person. They are warm and steady in a relationship and not jealous by nature.


Librans love ‘love’! They have a rose-tinted view of romance, and want a dreamy movie-style relationship. They are not necessarily into public displays of affection, but want their loved one’s complete attention.


For a Scorpio, there can be no love without intense passion. As a sign they are possessive and can be domineering in a relationship. They are driven by love and become deeply attached to their partners, although they will try to hide it!


To Sag – love is an adventure, like many aspects of their lives, a journey to be enjoyed. They love nothing more than combining interests like travel and a holiday romance. They are happy when in love, but need an intellectual equal to get there.


By nature, Capricorns are shy and private. The art of flirting and dating is difficult for them. However, once coupled up – they are loyal to love. They like long-term relationships, faithfulness and are willing to settle down and create a family.


Aquarians are friendly and open and as such rarely have difficulties in attracting suitors. Deep down they are quite afraid of commitment and will guard their independence. A happy relationship for Aquarius is one that starts as friends.


To be truly happy a Pisces needs love, romance and affection. When in love a Pisces life is better overall, they are more able to cope with the ups and downs. They are keen to please their partners and will be flexible to make things work.


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Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin