Psychic Reader Angel

PIN: 1441

Psychic Reader Angel

Susanna, who also reads as Angel, has a unique gift of inner-knowing, a ‘Sister of the Soul Light’ if you like. Working alongside Ascended Masters and Archangels, she guides people to connect to their real soul path. Clairvoyance, clairaudience and medium skills are all part of Susanna’s abilities.

As a reader Susanna has a strong psychic gift that she was born with, going beyond her actual years to ancient Zen wisdom. Using pure psychic light and insight, Susanna has a soft, kind, sincere way about her, making it easy for people to relate and talk to her.

A few years ago, Susanna visited a monastery in the Himalayas, Nepal. She spent two weeks there, mostly in silent retreats amongst the monks. She was in awe of the respect they have for all mankind, animals and even insects. During this wonderful stay at the monastery, she received a blessing; that allowed her to form a deep understanding of patience, compassion and love. She is now using this knowledge to enhance the experience her clients get during a reading.

Receiving messages from Spirit through lost love ones brings great comfort to clients who contact her. Animals and pets often come through in her readings; animal souls tune in quickly, instinctively they know Susanna has strong senses in which to form a solid bond to communicate.

Susanna believes that when you are a healer you naturally radiate a healing energy in your vicinity. The physical body is the densest, next comes the etheric body then astral, mental and finally spiritual. The life force is a universal energy; she connects to people all over the world. Susanna works closely with life energy patterns, which she can sense over the phone no-matter the distance. On a soul level there is no distance!

Sharing her gift is Susanna’s greatest joy, she wants to use a soul language to find answers, to inspire and motivate people. Her wish is for you to leave your reading feeling content and connected with the world around you.