Psychic Reader Ellie

PIN: 1180

Psychic Reader Ellie

Ellie is a spiritual clairvoyant psychic who doesn't use any tools, she also has the ability to use her third-eye.

In a psychic reading, clients often ask questions like: “Tell me where my relationship is heading, I don’t know where I stand - I’m confused.” In this situation Ellie would first of all tune into the energy of the relationship. Ellie would then go one step further and welcome the spiritual side for their advice. She would then be able to tell you whether the relationship is just ‘lust’, ‘infatuation’ or whether there is a real soul-mate connection present.

Ellie gets advice from the Elders, her Spirit Guides and Angels, and can bring mediumship into a reading. She then opens the doorway of the future to see what the prospects for this particular relationship are.

Often clients can feel the spiritual energy that flows through Ellie, if a client is interested in the spiritual side then Ellie can explore that with them in more detail. For example, where they have come from, what their future path may look like as well as answers from the afterlife.