Psychic Reader John

PIN: 5152

Psychic Reader John

John works as a spiritual medium, psychic, healer and advisor. He is also a Reverend, where his work takes him to churches and halls, throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

As a very spiritual person John can assist you in many different areas of your life. He works with a main guide, who is a Native American Indian. John also holds teaching sessions and workshops for other people to learn more on how to communicate with higher energies.

From a young child John has been working with the Spirit world, but he did not fully use his gift until his early 30’s. At that time John had a near-death experience, which really made him realise it was time to fully embrace and utilise his psychic gifts. The teachings of the spirit world John’s embraced have given comfort and taught so many people in so many different ways.

In John’s own words: “There is so much to learn in our life, as soon as we are born, we never stop learning, until we are ready to leave this world.

When I communicate with your loved ones in the spirit world, they will describe past details, how they looked, things they loved, as they are always around us giving us comfort. They may also provide advice on how you can move on in your current situation. Readings will bring clarity, particularly where you feel ‘stuck in a problem’.

In the psychic reading I will be use cards either angel or Tarot to see what may be ahead for you on your spiritual and life pathway. I will also hear and tune into your voice, becoming aware of your vibrations and emotions and gaining spiritual insights that will allow me to guide you.

Everyone from time to time needs assistance in working out what direction to take in life. Deep down the answers are already there. I just use my cards and the spirit world to bring it forth. I have a very down to earth, non-judgemental approach to all my readings and by working together we can find the right path.

With your permission I will also send out healing during the reading. I firmly believe that spirituality is the way of living where understanding, acceptance and love always exist.”