Psychic Reader Ruth

PIN: 2022

Psychic Reader Ruth

As a young child Ruth was always aware of the spirit world, but at that stage she didn’t know how to harness the energies in the right way for the highest good. As life went on Ruth tried to forget about her misunderstood connection with the spirit world. However, at the end of her 30’s she started to feel unhappy, unfulfilled and energetically burnt out on a personal level. Ruth found herself at a symbolic crossroads. She had reached a point of total surrender and came to the conclusion that she had to have a life purpose and felt she had a mission to complete.

Ruth travelled a personal journey of self-discovery, at last she felt she was free to be herself! She meditated on a daily basis, communicated with her Guides and decided to develop her Mediumship and healing abilities for the greatest good of herself and others. Ruth decided to live a spiritual life in every way.

In terms of development Ruth embarked on a Reiki Level 1 course for self-empowerment and the ability to heal herself. She committed to complete her Reiki Mastership 4 years later. Ruth is also a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, and a TFT (Thought Field Technology) (Tapping) Practitioner. She teaches the benefit of using and living by the Universal Laws, such as ‘The Law of Karma’ (whatever you put out, good, bad, right or wrong, you will get back!) and ‘The Law of Attraction’ (being very sure of what you wish for).

Ruth has now been a working Medium and healer for 25 years. As a reader Ruth also has involvement with Spiritualist Churches, doing platform work passing on messages from departed loved ones.