Psychic Reader Dee

PIN: 3448

Psychic Reader Dee

Dee’s passion for knowledge of all spiritual things came from an early age when she visited her first spiritual church at the age of thirteen.

Yearning for more knowledge, Dee’s experiences started to unfold during spiritual development groups through trance, philosophy, healing and symbolism. Dee has also worked within spiritual churches and centres as a guest medium and has run meditation and development classes.

As a reader Dee has worked internationally for over twenty years, assisting clients to find peace and healing. She supports them with their dilemma’s no matter what the issue or question.

Dee is an empathic psychic medium that has her own style, she works the combination of the client’s energy and voice vibration as well as with her spirit guides using her senses to give clarity. 

Although Dee works with her guides, she has a passion for getting a 360-degree perspective on any situation. She sometimes works with Angels, Oracle cards and the Pendulum. Dee also guides others with spiritual assessments and dream interpretations; as the spirit world give us messages, that do not always make sense to us at the time.