Psychic Reader Chrystalyte

Astrologer/Email Reader

Psychic Reader Chrystalyte

Chrystalyte specialises in psychic email readings, which get to the heart of the matter, pinpointing the most relevant information. She combines natural sensitivity with many years of knowledge from working with Tarot and astrology (including mentoring and tutoring).

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Writing horoscope columns for many years, working as a media astrologer and contributing to Tarot services nationwide through the national and regional press, magazines and radio has allowed Chrystalyte to develop a strong, psychic attunement ability in her own reading style, allowing her to make insightful connections and bringing qualities of respect, integrity and compassion to her work for clients.

Distance Connection over Email:

People sometimes wonder how a strong connection can be made through an email reading. Chrystalyte’s experience is that you do not need to be physically present for her to begin picking up on your energy, but it is often useful to know what it is you want to know most about. You can submit three questions as part of your email reading, providing them allows the reading to be very focused; Chrystalyte can put all of her powers into that situation and will be able to offer more detail and strong insights as part of the reading.

Lenormand Cards: 

A passion for the esoteric world led Chrystalyte to undertake formal study in astrology and practice an intuitive way of reading Tarot cards. Recently she has also begun working with the Lenormand cartomancy system, which aids in pinpointing circumstances in a more literal way. Mademoiselle Lenormand was a much celebrated 19th century fortune teller and interest in the cards she used has grown strong in recent years amongst those who understand card divination. This system, known as Cartomancy, involves 36 cards and their names and the order in which they appear are often more significant than in the Tarot, where the imagery can be the great clue-giver. Chrystalyte has found that using these two kinds of cards together provides very powerful, intuitive readings.

Tarot Cards: 

Chrystalyte has assisted in developing a national Tarot association, opening the door to countless opportunities for new readers to come into the world of Tarot, with a modern understanding of this ancient art. Her ongoing personal and professional efforts are aimed at the same goal: to support the idea of a healthy mind, body and spirit and a happy life - things that she wants to share with clients through providing readings that can bring clarity, peace and a positive way ahead.

There are many different decks of Tarot cards available these days. Chrystalyte especially enjoys using the Wheel of the Year, the New Palladini and the Crystal Visions Tarots. Each deck contains 78 cards, which take time to learn and appreciate fully. Not all readers use the cards in the same way, but Chrystalyte finds they tell a story that is unique to the person they are being read for. This is partly to do with bringing in psychic skills, including clairsentience – a powerful sense of feeling. Sometimes a detail in the cards will stand out much more powerfully than usual. At other times it is the particular mix of cards in their sequence that gives the greatest information.

As a reader Chrystalyte has a rare ability to grasp the underlying issues in any situation and identify the likely outcomes of choices and paths ahead. She also has a great cheer and calmness in her personality – elements that seem to rub off on other people who come into contact with her words! This can be a particular bonus when covering sensitive issues, seeing how they might unfold. She really loves to shine a light that can dispel some of the trickier aspects of life’s challenges. You will find her inspiration and enthusiasm catching…Turn to her when you want a realistic take on things, from someone with great vibrancy and wisdom.

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