Psychic Reader Fran

PIN: 1133

Psychic Reader Fran

Fran began seeing Spirit from a very early age. It came as no surprise to those around her because there were psychics and mediums on both sides of her family.

As Fran grew up, she decided to study the history of Spiritualism, Mediumship and Psychic phenomena. She visited the local Spiritualist Church and joined groups of like-minded people, so she could develop her skills as a Medium.

As a person, Fran has always been very interested in well-being and she spent two years doing a Spiritual Healing course. She then went on to study and practice Reiki and in time became a Reiki Master. Fran also completed a 3-year course on Trance Mediumship which allows her Guides to inspire and speak through her when she’s giving spiritual addresses.

Fran became a Platform Medium and has served Churches and Spiritual Centres for over twenty years taking Divine services and providing evenings of Clairvoyance. In fact, Fran has been connected to her local Spiritualist Church for many years and has been the President for the last twenty-five years! As part of her work, Fran runs Medium development and Meditation circles to give others the opportunity to develop their own skills.

On a personal level, Fran has been vegetarian for almost forty years, because she has a great love of animals and has worked with dogs for twenty-seven years in her dog grooming business.

Working with Spirit means so much to Fran because she has always felt it a privilege and gives thanks each and every day.