Psychic Reader Mariah

PIN: 1881

Psychic Reader Mariah

Mariah has worked internationally as a spiritualist medium for 30+ years; her abilities as an empathic Clairvoyant have gained her a loyal following of repeat clients. Her gifts as a psychic and healer are inherited from her family, who are of Romany decent.

You are not just getting a psychic reader in Mariah; she brings many other abilities to the table. She is a Reiki Master and has skills in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) as well as qualifications in psychology and counselling, all of which she uses in her readings to great effect.

Mariah wants to give back to the spiritualist movement and as such she uses her teaching abilities to develop others in the areas of mediumship, healing, trance and meditation to name a few.

As a reader Mariah has a direct approach, you can expect honesty and compassion. She feels she has an ethical responsibility to deliver the messages as a worker for Spirit. If it suits you Mariah will bring in other methods to the reading such as cards, crystals or pendulum. At the end of the reading her goal is to leave you feeling supported and empowered and as if the way forward has been illuminated.

Reading living energies is a speciality of Mariah’s, allowing her to bring clarity to you on situations or relationships that may be causing you stress in your life. She channels higher powers to bring you the answers you need. Mariah will give you as much information as she can. Once your reading comes to an end, if you want, she will also send you distant healing.