Psychic Reader Karen

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Psychic Reader Karen

In her own words, Karen describes her journey: “One of my earliest encounters with the spirit world was just after my lovely mother passed away and as executor I had to deal with the funeral.

As I walked to the office from across the road where the rooms of repose are I had a waft of perfume under my nose. I knew the fragrance exactly, it was my mother’s favourite one and no one else was around, the place was empty! I knew it was her way of saying, I’m okay, safe in the afterlife and it gave me great comfort.

I had always had an interest in spirituality, which started from a young age, but after my mother passed away it accelerated. Just after the funeral, I started to receive lots of messages from her and she would assist me whilst out shopping, I’d find just the item I required… It’s a wonderful gift to be able to communicate with our loved ones and I have had many clairvoyant dreams about family members all of which happened.

Later on, my gift extended to people in the public eye, I always had a sense when something was about to happen. On one such occasion I recall seeing a picture of Lady Diana and feeling very uncomfortable, the date was 30th of August and the next day she was involved in the fatal accident in Paris. My then husband came into the room and was about to inform me, when I said ‘has Lady Diana passed away?’ And he told me, ‘yes’ and I put the TV on to see all the reports about it.

Not all of my dreams are sad, in fact one funny event in my life was organising a holiday, one of those allocation on arrival types. As we got off the plane to talk to the airport staff, I said to the young lady, you don’t need to tell me the destination I already know I’m going to Prai da Luz and she looked shocked and replied yes you are!

Once in the hotel I did not sleep well, someone was in the room pulling the blankets off me and I heard a voice say José knows about it, I don’t know much about foreign names so I asked my partner what nationality is José and he replied Portuguese!

It’s a huge undertaking to have this gift and I’ve handled murder weapons and given names to the police which have been confirmed. I find I like to best use my abilities to bring comfort and pass on messages to people who are struggling. Giving them thoughts of brighter times ahead. This is what I love to do and hope to continue to use my gifts and skills to provide upliftment and joy to my callers”