Psychic Reader Joanna

PIN: 4567

Psychic Reader Joanna

Joanna describes her journey, in her own words: “Hi, my name is Joanna, and I am a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot reader of many years’ experience and a spiritual Christian lightworker, using all of my senses.

I’ve done a two-year study course in Tarot Cards and read with the Marseille Tarot Deck guided by divine energy. I have met many Masters on my spiritual path and wonderful teachers. I feel I am here to shine a light of love and peace. Going off your path into the darkness makes it difficult to see, with my insights you will be able to make a strong decision.

The countryside is my passion, where I feel beautiful energies every day. I am a deeply compassionate person and am strong on an emotional level. During my readings I specialise in love, relationships, work, career, family, twin flames and soul connections of love and peace. I read the energy and the aura around you to allow you to see. I am not a mind-reader, my spirit guides connect to your spirit guide.

I do also use spiritual gifts which I have had since I was born. I’ve had many paranormal experiences and spiritual apparitions. I was raised to understand my gifts and to uplift each other through hard times. In fact, I have written a self-help book and had recognition from the media. I have also done charity work at Spiritual Churches, reading Tarot cards. I can also teach meditation; my ongoing journey keeps expanding my awareness.

Bringing ancient knowledge from beyond the veil is how I work; I believe you have to be on a spiritual level to be able to get access to this knowledge. I have master spirit guides who I work with. I come from my higher-self at all times.”