Psychic Reader Sandra

PIN: 2662

Psychic Reader Sandra

In her own words, Sandra discusses her personal journey: “I feel that we are all gifted; we all have our guardian angels around us. We get signs when we are under stress or having difficulties. It could be a light flickering, it could be something electrical blowing, or it could be a white feather dropping at our feet. We all have to watch for the signs. Our family in the spirit world are never far away from us.

When I was a little girl of nine years old, I was going through a transition. A friend of my grandmothers, who was on her deathbed looked into my eyes and told me what I had been seeing! I was seeing spirits appearing in front of me and I was getting premonitions. It was a little scary as I had no one to confide in, yet here was this lady who reassured me that everything was fine and I needn't be afraid.

Here’s the thing: that inner light is already within every one of us, some people will say it’s a gut feeling and they will listen to their gut feeling - others will ignore it. Most people don't want to use it which is fine as it is our choice. I have always embraced my gift and love it. Especially when I get told I have assisted someone going through a tough time. And they come out the other side, better and happier than they have ever been before.

Every day we all learn something new and embrace the positives it brings to our lives. Never for one second think your loved ones that have passed forget you; they will always give you a sign either through a reading or an experience.

I never take anything for granted and I am so grateful to have so many wonderful opportunities in my working life. If I can support and guide you, then that would be wonderful; I am direct and precise."