Psychic Reader Adele

PIN: 3622

Psychic Reader Adele

Adele is Clairsentient and Clairaudient, she holds a space for clients to remember and experience their wisdom and healing inside. As well as how to master the power of their mind to create their destiny. She has been working with the healing arts since the early 1980s and with Spirit since birth. Adele is also an intuitive counsellor with over 35 years of experience and is an enthusiast of self-development and personal growth.

Readings with a client include Adele’s psychic abilities as well as counselling, guidance and wisdom to assist them to better their lives. All of what Adele can be and does are designed to attune the client to the natural flow of universal energy through the use of their intuition. Adele has a unique and fully formed ‘Line of Intuition’ on both her hands, this shows she has a very real gift of channelling spiritual insights, strong gut instinct and a strong knowledge about people or situations.

Everyday intuitive living is a discipline for Adele, both for inspiration and personal growth. Adele's guides along with her advice are there to support her clients on their intuitive path and get them to think of subtle guidance in ways they normally don't.

Adele’s readings are accessible and inspiring and utilise many common New Age exercises and spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation and an appreciation of the healing arts. As Adele has grown in age and maturity more channels have opened up to her.

As a psychic reader, Adele knows and understands that this Divine inspiration is about belief and a ‘leap of faith’. It doesn’t matter how you make sense of the inner guidance, the voices and ideas that direct us. The question is, are you listening? As a creative soul, Adele knows that this intuitive area is a sacred space of hope that opens doors to flashes of inspiration, innovation, creative insight, aha moments, eclectic feelings that she would never find by reason alone. For Adele Intuition comes from her higher self and goes above and beyond her normal five senses.

Adele feels that If we want to live our best life then paying attention to those intuitive nudges, the gut reactions or sense of knowing is crucial. Acting on your intuitive guidance is what will make the real shift from surviving to thriving in your life!