Psychic Reader Sarah

PIN: 9888

Psychic Reader Sarah

Sarah started learning the art of Tarot and spiritual reading from an early age, she now has over 20 years of experience. Sarah also works closely with a range of crystals and natural tools for spiritual guidance and healing.

It is Sarah’s unique blend of core Wiccan beliefs and traditional Shamanic practices sets her aside from other readers. Sarah uses the Luna cycle, personal Zodiac signs and natural spiritual knowledge in her readings to personalise them to your needs.

Devotion to nature and the spirits is a way of life for Sarah. Eating a purely clean diet and using a range of natural herbs, crystals, incense and rituals in her personal life gives Sarah a deeper connection to the spirit and natural world. Sarah works in conjunction with the wheel of the year and natures cycles, both in her personal and work life.

During readings, Sarah is happy to work with a wide variety of tools and techniques. She has a range of Tarot decks for you to choose from, you can select whichever one you feel most drawn to. Working with crystals during her readings allows Sarah to connect on a deeper and more personal level with you. Candles, incense, natural oils and herbs are also used during her readings to further connect to you and the spirit world.

Why not let Sarah assist you along your journey and guide you to the answers you seek and need? She offers a relaxed, healing environment for you to connect deeply with the spirit and natural world with gratitude and devotion.