Psychic Reader Raymond

PIN: 3113

Psychic Reader Raymond

Raymond’s spiritual journey started in 1985 when he first had a psychic reading with a gentleman called Ernest. He was so amazed at what was revealed to him; and the help he was given by Ernest; that they remained friends until his passing. As Ernest helped him; and mentored him, he decided to embark on helping others.

The learning journey for Raymond; began at local spiritualist churches, which he attended for several years studying mediumship, participating in psychic circles, learning clairvoyance becoming clairsentient and clairaudient during the process. He has also assisted the church in mediumship on the rostrum, healing and psychic investigations.

To further Raymond’s knowledge of mediumship, he attended Arthur Findley College. Over the years, Raymond has attended many psychic fares, interacting and networking with different types of psychic readers and spiritualists, which have also helped to expand his knowledge.

Raymond is also a qualified Reiki healer and a spiritual healer. He has extensive knowledge of herbs, oils, incense and crystals, which he has used for healing purposes and other spiritual and health-related problems.

For several years now, Raymond has been providing personal readings online and face-to-face. When delivering psychic readings, Raymond makes sure; he is relaxed and grounded through meditation. Raymond uses Numerology, Runes and a Crystal Ball, and he depends on his spirit guides for wisdom. His readings are such that he will pick up on the prevalent issues and concerns in your life, such as relationships, love, and career and will pass on messages from the spirit realm as he receives them. Raymond does not judge people and has a loving and kind nature, and will always do his best for his clients.