Psychic Reader Vanessa

PIN: 3900

Psychic Reader Vanessa

Vanessa describes herself as an enlightened psychic worker whose Spirit Guides connect with your Guides to bring loving energy and healing.

Highly intuitive, Vanessa will listen carefully to you before using her psychic ‘clairs’ to connect with your energies; and your situation and guide you in making choices that will honour your life’s journey.

Using the spiritual and psychic gifts that Vanessa has had since she was born, she will bring clarity to your questions and enable you to see how best to deal with life’s challenges. Whether relationships, family, career or spiritual matters, Vanessa’s analysis and empathetic presentation may offer you courage and hope for the future.

Vanessa may also use Angel or Oracle cards, Tarot and crystals to create a safe and nurturing connection; for you; to discuss what you need to say. “I always give my callers all the time they need; in a safe and nurturing space and connection. We all have free will, and I work to present the options as I see them, which are open to you, and which might be most useful to you in any given situation. The choice is always yours. We all have our path to follow, and decisions are always easier when you feel you are in a space of love and healing.”