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23 Jun 2023

Crystal Healing Perfect for Summer

Crystal Healing

Yellow Jasper

The yellow jasper crystal is known and sought after for being ‘spiritually charged’, it belongs to a group of stones that are appreciated for their nurturing qualities. Its healing properties vibrate with love, protection, courage, hope and vitality.

The crystal is used by those journeying and travelling, whether that is in a literal sense of exploring and holidays, or in the more lateral sense of a spiritual voyage. This is because it guards against misfortune and offers safety whilst stimulating learning and personal growth.

If tensions are running high in your relationship, then let the yellow jasper bring healing peace to you both. It is an energising gem that increases self-confidence and guides you through periods of change – helping you to transform.

Why not place a crystal at the heart of your home to rise up the energy, revitalise emotions and bring cheerfulness all around!


The opal is an emotional and spiritual crystal, it is perfect for when you need to let go of something hurtful, and when you want to feel a new lust for life with an ability to move forward with confidence.

If you want to try something new this summer, the opal gem can help – it really boosts creativity and inspiration and is particularly useful for arts and crafts, but also writing, acting, singing, cooking and more…

Opal will encourage you to be free and release your inhibitions. You will be more open to a higher consciousness and mystical visions may be more forthcoming. You will feel loyal, faithful, self-assured and will release any anger you have been hanging on to.

Ametrine Crystal

Ametrine is a powerful crystal, pushing you to pursue and achieve your wildest dreams. It encourages you to accept yourself faults and all! Every now and then in life something happens that pulls us up short and reminds us of how fragile and brief life can be, and we promise we will ‘seize the day’, but somewhere along the lines life gets busy and we lose are impetus to reach for the stars and moon and get bogged down in the mundane. This is when this gem is needed most. To act as a reminder and a catalyst that you only get one life and you must live it to the fullest.


As the name might suggest moonstone is connected to the magic of the moon, so your moods and actions may well alter depending on the waxing and waning of the moon as the tides of change alter in your life. Your body will harmonise with the lunar cycle when using this gem, which will only help in the love and romance department as your heart chakra opens.

If you have been feeling under the weather moonstone is great for balancing your mind, body and soul – it is very much a source of evaluating your life purpose here on Earth.

Emotionally it is a soothing and calming crystal, it will enhance your self-acceptance, whilst encouraging a more open-minded approach to tasks and people – with this stone you will probably find you are more generous of spirit.

This is a perfect journeying stone, take a small crystal with you to encourage you to live in the present and really see what the world has to offer with all its mystery and wonder.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin