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22 Dec 2020

First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon

The winter solstice (21st Dec), also marks the beginning of the First Quarter Moon, lunar cycle phase. Interestingly in the sky, the moon appears not as a quarter, but actually a half circle. It is the right-hand side of the moon that is illuminated by sunlight, hence its known as half-moon. This marks the fact the Moon is a quarter around its orbit of Earth.

How Should You Make Use of the First Quarter Moon?

The First Quarter Moon actually provides a turning point for all of us, marking a time when we are ready to cast off the old and embrace the new! It is not unusual for us to make decisions in this phase, that will be acted out in the long-term. This phase is a time to consider things carefully, make plans and take baby steps towards bigger goals.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin