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5 Feb 2021

Paranormal: John explains this subject


The word paranormal is another word for unexplained phenomena, and more people have become interested, after unexplained activity such as the Fox sisters, and the Enfield poltergeist. Also, TV programmes like Most Haunted – mysteries that scientists couldn’t explain have played their part in getting folk engaged in this psychic area.

Ghost Investigations

I have been involved in ghost and paranormal investigations, and it is amazing what you see and what I picked up… For example, one gentleman decided to tell me that he was drowned in water, in a bath tub for his wrongdoings, and actually showed me where!

Most spirit people are very nice, but you do get the occasion where they don’t want to talk and are happy where they are. I myself have seen things thrown and moved just to give proof that the energy of that person is around.


With the assistance of voice recorders, it is now possible to pick up on voices of the person trying to communicate with the team. EMF meters are used to look for spikes in the EMF signal; the spikes suggest a change in electrical current, and thus a spirit being present. Night vision cameras try to capture movement or orbs; an orb is a spirit person.

Paranormal Events

Most paranormal events are held at night, to the early hours of the morning, as spirit activity can be more active at night. No one can explain that, but even if you go to an old church or building, that has been classed as haunted, sometimes you will get weird feelings. Maybe you will sense that someone is around you, either by a shiver or your gut feeling. Spirit will not hurt you; they are just there to give you proof of their existence.

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