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19 Jun 2020

Gemini & Cancer - June 2020 Horoscopes!


Gemini: 21 May – 20 June

Gemini asserts its independence and personal-power in June. It’s important to think wisely about how to push ahead with this influence, done correctly – much will be achieved! You have been on a pleasure-high this year and this will continue this month. Your thoughts will turn to some self-pampering and mind, soul and body is a focus. Spirituality interests Gemini just now, and you may explore this further – meditation is a great start. The romantic life will not all be plain-sailing as the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th occurs in your love sky. You may have to do some thinking, and ask questions, when you get clarity, relationships will find their own rhythm. The second Solar Eclipse (21st), falls in your money sky. Now is the time to address finance concerns – you can’t put it off any longer! On the career front you may have been feeling side-lined. There is potential for growth in your role, so don’t be pedantic, instead showcase your many hidden talents. It’s important to play by the rules just now, corner-cutting will not serve you well! You may well be dreaming of far-flung places, but staying closer to home is more likely – this will turn out to be a good thing as your family shows its support and you all grow closer.

Cancer: 21 June – 20 July

The sector of self both eastern and western is very strong. So, now is possibly one of the best times for you to be content. Make any changes now that are needed for your very best life! Put yourself first for once – literally your happiness is at stake! The cosmos is supporting you this month, you will feel assertive, strong, independent and determined. Your ambitions, both in your personal life and in your work-life will come to the fore, they will feel like more of a priority for you. The Eclipses of the 5th & 21st will both have an impact on you. Taking care of yourself on and around these dates, especially on the health front and from a work/life balance perspective would be wise. June is the beginning of some changes that pan out over several months on the work front and also in health/well-being. Maybe you are considering a career change or a new job, a different diet or exercise regime?  Unfortunately, you won’t end the month without encountering some family drama, and possibly some upheaval at home in the form of repairs. Good advice is to keep your thoughts to yourself, don’t partake in gossip, and you’ll come through unscathed. Ensure you take time for nurturing your inner-self and wellbeing; a relaxed you is much more able to reflect on what is really important.

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin