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28 Apr 2017

The Major Arcana, Part 2

Tarot: The High Priestess

If you missed the first blog post introducing the Major Arcana including The Fool and The Magician then click here first.

The High Priestess (II)

This is a fantastic card for those with a growing psychic gift, the card is letting you know you must trust your gut – go with your intuition, your instinct will not steer you wrong. Spiritual messages are being sent to you, but you need to be more open to receiving them through your dreams or otherwise. The High Priestess is a card that often shows when you are in a position of trying to better yourself, perhaps through formal study or some sort of other learning experience. This is a spiritual and transformational time – you will learn much about yourself and life in general.

The Empress (III)

The Empress can mean many different things – you could be moving house, perhaps you have a call to spend more time outdoors, a pull towards nature. Generally the card is about fertility, creativity and abundance. Fertility could be literal in the sense of a birth of a child, but also could be about cultivating land. Equally it could be the birth of an idea… The card coming up is both favourable and positive – a good outcome in your life is expected.

The Emperor (IV)

The Emperor is seen as a stern card, but is not necessarily negative. This card represents authority, most likely that some sort of authoritative figure will be over you – this could be because of an increase in social standing, or through a new job. The card means restraint should be showed – you need to stay calm, but is also about battle. Do not be afraid of standing up for yourself, sometimes you need to stick to your guns! Often this card characterises someone in your life who you trust implicitly – who is reliable, has a lot of influence, and will do the right thing.

The Hierophant (V)

If you are independent and high-spirited then you may struggle with this card, as it is all about doing things in a tried and tested way. Now is not the time for being brave and maverick in behaviour – it is telling you there is a need to play by the rules and follow tradition. This card often comes when your life is out of balance on a spiritual level and it is time to look at a greater meaning and search for spiritual purpose. This card can also represent someone in your life; in this case they would be conformist, conservative, dependable and steadfast and likely have strong faith.

Ref: The Fortune-Tellers Bible, Jane Struthers

Written by: I4C_Blog_Admin